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Main Organizer

Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj)

Perbadanan Putrajaya was established under the Perbadanan Putrajaya 1995 (Act 536) for the purpose of managing and administering Federal Territory of Putrajaya. PPJ are responsible for public health and sanitation, waste removal and management, town planning, environmental protection and building control, social and economic development and general maintenance functions of urban infrastructure. The PPJ main headquarters is located at Persiaran Perdana, Putrajaya.

The Perbadanan Putrajaya’s main objectives and functions are:

• To perform all functions of a local government in Federal Territory of Putrajaya.

• To promote, stimulate, facilitate and undertake commercial, infrastructure and

residential development in the area.

• To promote, stimulate and undertake economic and social development in the area.

• To control and co-ordinate the performance of the above activities in the area.

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